God’s plans and perfect timing never fail

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As we let go, we let God work in our lives more

It’s been a few years since I came back from the UK after completing my degree.

My life of truly relying on God’s plans started when I got my scholarship to continue my studies after Form 5. With no plans in my mind, the JPA scholarship for my degree came like a Christmas present, something I never wished or imagined for. It was all a surprise as I have never been a Grade A student.

As my A-levels was funded as well, I was assigned to an international school in Cheras. It was then that my journey as a new believer began. I got to know God better through a Christian teacher. What a tremendous blessing it was to be discipled under a great woman of God! I was active as a youth leader in church and led the Christian Fellowship and by putting Him first, my grades were good too. That season was indeed a growth period for me.

His grace and plans did not stop at my A-Levels, but extended all the way to the UK. My three years abroad was nothing short of living in the favour of God. It was during this period of time when I got to know Acts Church through my brother. While I was back for holidays, I attended Acts occasionally and was really touched by the presence of God in the services I went to. Attending Bloom 2011 thoroughly gave me a whole different actsperience.

I wanted to stay in the UK.

I was interested to relocate to Bristol for Acts Bristol. I tried applying for scholarships, but it seemed like the timing of the applications weren’t right. I knew my only option was to go back to Malaysia and settle down.

It was as if all my dreams and desires was crushed when I took my flight back to Malaysia. I don’t know why, but the grass on the other side definitely seemed greener.

The adaptation back to living at home, not having a car, not having close friends around me was depressing. I thank God for the little connections that I made with a few Acts partners when I came back in Malaysia previously during the holidays.

I wanted to become a partner in one of Acts Church’s plants and God heard the desire of my heart.

Acts Klang was launched on the Sunday after I landed back from the UK; the timing was just on point. In the first service itself, I knew God really had plans for me. It was a season to be home, to get rooted again and to serve in my homeland. The process of settling down became easier after getting a job which was also a journey of God’s grace.

Eventually, UK wasn’t where God wanted me to be after three years, but Klang was now the grown for me to sow in. I’m thankful that I’m now part of a core team in KG4 Homes and part of the team going in Carey Island for missions. I’m so thankful for the huddle girls! It was just the five of us at the beginning, cheering each other on and praying for one another. We’ve now grown into a bigger huddle group and I have a community where I call home.

His plans are greater and higher than we can ever see or imagine. As we let go, we let God work in our lives more.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11 Tre Boston Jersey Rod Woodson Jersey

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