Check your lights

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I was driving back home on a highway when a fellow car driver got my attention by driving alongside my car and honking. I glanced over, a bit ticked off, thinking that he wanted to overtake me while I was driving at a reasonable speed.

Instead, he used hand gestures to tell me to turn on my lights. Confused, I turned on my overly-glaring headlights even though my car lights were definitely on. He nodded with approval and I continued my way back wondering if my car lights were faulty.

Over a few days of observation, I then realised that indeed my car lights were relatively dimmer than other cars and immediately brought my car to a servicing centre. Much to my embarrassment, there was actually nothing wrong with the lights! The technician kindly pointed out that I just did not turn on one tiny little setting.

That evening, I drove back suddenly realising how much easier it was to see where I was going – especially through darker roads. It was as if I never noticed how I had to strain my eyes or how I couldn’t detect speed bumps until they were practically in front of me.

In the same way, even as believers of Christ, some of us often go through life not realising that we’re doing things by our strength.

Yes, we do get things done and even reach our end goals… but to what extent?

We already have been given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ (Ephesians 4:7) and also have received the Holy Spirit – yet are unable to unleash our full potential and experience God powerfully.

Of course, it’s not as easy as turning on a little button like how it was for my car lights, but it always starts with ensuring that our connection with God is always ‘switched on’.

Tuning into His voice means that even when going through dark, bumpy phases of life with our limited vision, He is more than able to bring us even further than what we can imagine.

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